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4th Of July Preparation

For some 4th of July can be as stressful as Thanksgiving or even Christmas. You have to make sure there is an abundance of food for everyone’s liking, impeccable red,white and blue decor, an immaculate home, plus exceptional working plumbing. Read below to find a check list on how to make sure your home/plumbing is prepped for 4th of July.

1) Accessory Replacement: Make sure to replace old shower curtains, towels and rugs. These types of items can easily a-crew odor and mildew.

2) Deep Clean: Of course you will wipe away toilet and sink stains but don’t forget to keep a close eye out for the toughest stains mildew. These types of stains are typically found on grout and is very difficult to remove, so make sure you give it its special cleaning attention.

3)Fix/Test Your Plumbing: Run water throughout your plumbing appliances and check for any slow running or leaking fixtures. In addition, flush your toilets multiple times to ensure 100% functionality.

No one wants a slow or leaking drain! Call Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your plumbing needs 24/7!!

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