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Allow Your Plumbing To Pamper Your Pup On National Love Your Pet Day!

Everyone needs some self care and pampering right?! Well why not give your dog the same treatment on National Love Your Pet Day!! Today we at Empire wanted to provide our customer’s and their fur babies a few ways you can upgrade your plumbing to provide a full pampering experience.

Get The Right Tub: Believe it or not if you have space in your home there are many companies that specialize in bathtubs made specifically for dogs. Additionally, out on the market tub and sink products are designed for different uses,but would work fine as a dog bathing station. When choosing the right tub make sure to consider the size of your pup.

Small Size: Use elevated basin sinks. This allows the owner to take the pressure off your knees and back.

Large Size: Installation should be lower to the ground so your dog can walk in and out. Elderly Dog: Install ramps to give them easier access in and out of the tub.

Dog Friendly Fixtures & Hardware: With a newly installed tub, you may also want to choose the best fixtures.

Hand Held Wand: Great tool to hell you multitask when bathing your pup.

Shelving: Having a cabinet/racks with lots of space for fresh towels and product will give you and your dog the space he/she deserves. For most dogs bath time is their worst nightmare, but items tailored to them and a positive atmosphere will soon flip the script; and feel as if they are in a great wonderful dream.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs 24/7. We strive to make sure your plumbing doesn’t get in the way of you and your pets day!!

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