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Are You A Plumbing Superhero?

Halloween is next week can you believe it?!! Parents/Guardians you maybe rushing to grab your child’s last minute costume & majority of the time he/she may want to dress as their idol such as a superhero!! I mean you have to admit dressing up as Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, etc. is pretty neat. However, parents/guardians you guys are superheroes too!! From all the laundry,dishes, dinners,plumbing dilemmas etc. You guys are winners and most importantly hero’s!! If you don’t believe it take a look at the 7 signs you are considered a plumbing superhero!!

1)You know where your main shut off valve is

2)You know what can/can’t be put in your garbage disposal

3)You know the age of your home’s pipes and fixtures

4)You keep up with Plumbing maintenance

5)You keep a look out for unusual leaks

6)You have tools in the event of an emergency

7)You have the contact # of a plumber on hand.

As you can see these steps are vital to keeping your family/ home up and running, which means you are a SUPERHERO!! And if you are not sure of something above read through some of our blog post, you will be sure to find the answer or give us a call Empire Water Main & Sewer at (718)715-4862/

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