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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

When you think of a bathroom, the first thing that may come to mind is big and bright!! At least that’s what you hope for. However, have you ever entered into a cold, dark, and spooky bathroom!? Not very inviting right!? Well Empire is here to inform you of ways to make your bathroom a little brighter before the holidays roll in.

Way#1: Lots Of White

Using dark paint colors will definitely make any room smaller due to them absorbing light rather than reflect. Instead use bright shades of white or light yellows/blues.

Way#2: Lots Of Light Adequate amounts of light is crucial, and the more natural light the better. Understandably you may not be able to add in windows and too many fixtures maybe overwhelming. But, you can most definitely add in ceiling lighting, wall sconces or even a small chandelier.

Way#3: Mirror Mirror On The Wall Mirrors are a great addition to a bathroom. It can help reflect lighting and give up the big and bright bathroom you have been always dreaming of.

Go ahead and give your bathroom the upgrade you’ve been always wanting.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for your sewer and drain needs!!

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