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Avoid These 5 Summer Problems

Summer is a blast!! Lots of time for travel, the beach, relaxing, entertaining etc. However, your summer vibes can easily become despised if frequent plumbing issues arise. Continue reading to find out the most common summer problems and how to avoid them.

1) Summer Food: Its time to bring out the BBQ and entertain your guests. However, please keep your garbage disposal in mind. Fibrous materials such as corn husks can easily jam the disposal; in addition to seeds, pits, bones and fat.

2) Dog Shedding: You May be washing your pup more often this summer due to dirty paws and shedding, but you’ll want to prevent all the hair/fur from clogging your pipes. Be sure to:

A- Pre-rinse your dog before bathing to allow excess fur, dirt, gravel etc. to wash away. B- Brush your pet on a regular basis to reduce the amount of hair. C-Try to avoid bathing your pet in your bathtub and resort to outdoor plastic tub washing or even muddy pools.

3) Basement Water: you’ve probably have read this on our blogs numerous times, but making sure your sump pump is in perfect condition is vital to keeping your basement clean and dry.

4) Indoor mess: if you have just come back from a sandy beach or day in the outdoors it can be pretty messy. When initially cleaning up don’t go anywhere near a drain. Instead hose off all the dirt and sand outside and shake out any excessive debris.

5) Vacay preparation: If you are planning a summer vacation be sure to read our post titled “Pre-vacation plumbing tips”.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer if any plumbing issue occurs this summer we service 24/7 and weekends allowing you to never have stress free summer.

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