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Back -To-School Water Routine

For parents all across the U.S. this weekend may have been pretty chaotic. From moving your college students to their dorms to finishing the last touches on your small child’s back to school list; we understand the craziness a household can go through when it’s back to school week. Now it’s time to get your yearly school routine to perfection and eliminate the weekly stress. However, it is vital to be aware of the back to school season high water bill. But, don’t worry Empire has provided you a few ways you are able to combine the hectic back to school season with water conservation.

1) Shower Time: Timing your and your children’s daily showers to a max of 12 minutes and providing a routine for morning vs. night baths is vital to reducing the excessive amounts of gallons used.

2) Laundry Time: When choosing your child’s outfit for the next day take into consideration of the jeans/sweaters that were worn today can be used for another day. This will help lessen the load saving water and energy.

3) Drink Time: you can save gallons of water a year by purchasing a pitcher of water instead of using the tap. It is also great for encouraging your children to drink more water, and stay away from sugary juice or sodas by infusing the water with fruits.

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