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Be Winter Pipe Prepared

If you have walked outside of your home today you may have thought about moving to a warmer state or traveling to your favorite vacation spot. Today is the coldest day NYC has seen all winter and let’s hope it stays like that. But although you maybe battling this brutal weather your plumbing is too!! As the temperature continues to drop today the chances of your pipes freezing is extremely likely. Water expands when it freezes even when inside a pipe and applies pressure whether the pipe is plastic or metal.

In the case that your pipes are frozen here are a few tips that may help:

1) Check all faucets in your home and allow them to run for a minute or two. If you have one frozen pipe you may have more.

2)Turn on the cold/hot water on the faucet to the frozen pipe. This relieves pressure and lessens the chance of the pipe bursting

3) Attempt to heat up the pipe using hot water soaked towels, hair dryer or heating pads

4) Locate your main water shut off valve. In the case that your pipe does burst it is vital that you turn off the main water supply and contact a plumber.

It is important to also keep a close eye on your water main and meter even a small leak could cause havoc to home/property. If you experience any pipe burst or have any issue with you water main give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call 718-715-4862!!! We understand your worries and would like to provide the best service!

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