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Beating The Water Damage

Slow and steady leaking doesn’t sound too bad. Especially if you are a believer that slow and steady wins the race! However, an undiscovered slow and steady water leak can spread throughout your home and destroy your walls/floors. In addition, it can be extremely harmful due to mold growth. In order to become a winner in this scenario knowledge & contacting Empire is key: continue reading to find out if you may be a victim of water damage.

WATER: This is the #1 sign. If you notice water under your sink/toilet this is a good indication of leaking. In addition, persistent dripping fixtures or water in places where it shouldn’t be is concerning.

BILLS: Take a look at your water bill over the course of a few months. Is it getting higher? If so you may have a leak. An immediate repair is necessary to reduce the money pouring out of your pocket.

CRACKS/PEELING/SWELLING: Similar to skin when something is not right behind the wall/body the affects will show on your face/wall. If water gets trapped in your ceiling or wall it can get trapped creating swelling. As the water pushes apart wallpaper/ paint will then begin to crack. Surfaces such as drywall can develop a chalk like texture. Floors can begin to feel spongy due to fibers being broken down.

DISCOLORATION: Take a look at all wall and floor surfaces. Do you notice some areas don’t match others. Now it may be dirt/dust or discoloration due to a water leak. Mold and water can create dark spots on water damaged areas.

SMELL/SOUND: A musty odor is an indication of mold and an ongoing leak that needs to be taken care of immediately. Sound can also indicate a leak. Constant drips/rattling sounds mean it’s a good time to contact a plumber.

Don’t let the leak win the battle and destroy your home. Learn it’s every move and stay prepared.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 24/7/365 for some help and any other plumbing needs!!

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