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Become A Plumber

The countdown is on, Halloween is 3 days away!! Hope you have your fantastic costume ready!! If not have you thought of dressing as a plumber? Plumbing is a great career and why not embody this profession for a day!! Even better why not take the leap and actually become a plumber. Below we have provided 10 reasons why becoming a plumber is a great choice.

1. Independence: you can choose to own your own business

2. Stability:plumbers are always needed

3. Little to no debt: plumbing is a trade which means you can attend vocational school or community college. With these methods of education, you will be saving yourself lots of money from student loan debt.

4. Advancement: plumbing is a licensed and regulated trade, so you can choose to work up to a master level

5. Variety: plumbing doesn’t mean solely house calls. You may in all kinds of industries.

6. Critical Thinking: as a plumber you not only work with your body and but are also able to analyze problems, develop solutions etc. this will definitely keep you on your toes.

7. Satisfaction: plumbers definitely help save lives and homes and that is something to take great pride in.

8. Interaction: as a plumber you are never confined to a desk/office all day! You are able to meet all kinds of people everyday and travel around your city/state

9. Respect: any job comes along with jokes or biases. However, plumbers do a lot for many and the trade is growing rapidly. Plumbing is very honorable and not always an easy job.

10. No more plumbing bills: you now have the skill, so no more need to pay someone else for your plumbing repairs.

As you can see plumbing is a truly rewarding and awesome profession for all. Keep on researching, a plumber maybe more than just a costume this year!

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