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Bellied Pipe

Are you having frequent sewer backups? Has a plumber come out to your property numerous times to snake out your line and nothing seems to work. Well it may be time to take into consideration that you have a bellied pipe. It is a common problem found on many home owners properties. A sag in a sewer pipe leaves water at a stand still. This causes blockages to stay within the middle of the line and leads to a major backup and possible erosion. Typically sewer pipes begin to belly due to improper planning and installation.

However, things such as tree root intrusion, sun/heat and cold weather are ways in which sewer pipes may also belly/sag. The best way to diagnose a problem like this is to have a plumber perform a video camera inspection. The camera plus line is water proof and extremely flexible allowing the technician to reach deep within the line and pin point the exact spot/cause of the problem. Depending on the technicians findings the method of repairing or even re-installing the pipe varies.

If you believe you may be having this issue contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862. We will be happy to video inspect your line and complete any/all repairs needed for your line.

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