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Brooklyn Water Main

Last week, we received a call from a customer in Brooklyn. She believed there was a large plumbing issue in her home and needed our help as quickly as possible. There was some water leaking outside of her property and her toilet had clogged and she assumed it was related. Within less than in an hour our technicians were at the property ready to access her plumbing needs. Upon arrival our technicians immediately knew that the leaking was not related to the toilet clog.

In fact the water outside the property was due to a water main leak in which the ground would need to be excavated and the water main repaired. We informed the customer of the reason this possibly occurred and our method of repairing the water main from start to finish. Extremely understanding and eager to get the work performed by our company, the customer agreed to have us unclog the toilet. Then come back once all permits were retrieved to proceed with the water main repair. Within a few days Empire applied and received all permits necessary to perform work, scheduled a date that best suited the customer’s schedule and completed her water main repair from start to end.

At Empire we understand plumbing can be tricky especially peculiar leaks. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 24/7/365 for any questions or plumbing service (718)715-4862.

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