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Carry Out Your Plumbing Resolutions The Right Way!

Now that we are in the first week of February it’s time to reflect on the New Year’s Goals & Resolutions you created at the beginning of 2020. Did you make any modifications? Did you bail out? Did you do an amazing job and knock your goal out of the park? Or maybe did you begin to form bad habits? Today, we wanted to provide you with some of the most common bad habits people acquire and how to simply change them around.

1) Crazy Hair Drain: Washing your hair is a necessity and If you have an hourglass shower drain there’s a high chance of soap scum, dirt and hair creating a clogging disaster. Be sure to buy drain stoppers that fit your drain and prevent the constant hair headaches.

2) Liquid Drain Cleaner: As soon as a clogged drain emerges don’t grab a drain cleaner for a quick fix. We all know this only solves the clog temporarily and ultimately causes damage to the pipe. Keep Empire’s contact info around at all times. Give us a quick call or email at anytime. Our team will be there in no time for your quick fix.

3) Steamy Showers: We all enjoy our toasty showers in the winter, but be cautious of how often you do. Steamy showers can create a serious mold problem. Be sure to keep the bathroom well ventilated.

4)Toilet = Trash Bin We all have those careless day. But When it comes to your toilet be mindful of what you or your family through down the toilet. One mistake can create an often large oops!!

Keep these habits in the back your mind and be sure to catch yourself or others in the act. In the event a drain gives you troubles contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for 24/7 service (718)715-4862/

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