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Chemical Root Killer

Similar to humans, on a hot summers day tree roots are in desperation for water and will go through any means possible. Unfortunately, one of their favorite sources of water are sewer pipes. These pipes contain oxygen, nutrients (from human waste) and water. In the event that your line is in proximity to a tree and cracks/separations occur you are in danger of tree root intrusion. Most customers immediately contact sewer and drain companies, such as Empire in order to remove roots, while a small few utilize tree killer. We here at Empire wanted to provide our customers some tree root killer information below:

~ How does tree root killer work? The chemical tree root killer is poured into the main sewer line and coats the inner line of your sewer.The chemical will foam and leave coating with herbicide that prevents tree roots.

~What Can’t tree root killer do? Although a quick fix is great there are 2 downsides that you may want to consider when using the chemical root killer.

1)It won’t repair the existing cracks or separations the sewer line may contain. This is an issue since roots can gain entry and the current cracks/separations will worsen. This can potentially lead to a sewer collapse.

2)The tree root killer won’t inform you of the initial reason or preventative causes of the clogged line. Often times you may just have excessive toilet paper, paper towel, feminine hygiene products etc. In that case the root killer will not resolve any issue.

Contact Empire Water Main for your sewer root removal today. Sewer and drain services are our specialty!!

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