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Clogged House Trap

These pictures are showing a severely clogged house trap found in the basement of a customer’s home. Luckily one of the most common and easily corrected sewer main blockages is caused by a house trap stoppage. A house trap is typically shaped like a “U”. Similar to the one found under your sink. However, it is much larger and attached to the sewer main. The “U” allows water to act as a natural barrier and prevent odors from the city sewer line to enter your home. In the case that a blockage similar to the one shown arises, where there is excess toilet paper, wipes or other material inside the belly, the entire sewer line will back up. Therefore immediately contact a plumber to resolve the issue. Your main sewer line is the “heart” to your home. Without it functioning properly all your other “organs” such as a sink,toilet, shower etc. will have issues draining as well.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718) 715-4862 for all your sewer and drain issues 365 days a year.

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