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Collapsed Conundrum

A collapsed sewer is something that Empire Water Main & Sewer has encountered many times. Often a customer will contact Empire frantically stating they are experiencing multiple clogged toilets, sinks,tubs etc. We then follow up with questions such as, “ Is overflowing or flooding occurring?”,“Are you experiencing a backup on the ground floor?”,“When was the last time you had a sewer maintenance?”,“Have you poured any chemical cleaners such as Draino down any of the lines?” etc.

These type of questions make our technicians aware that an issue has occurred within your sewer line and a broken/collapsed line may be found. The most common causes of a sewer line collapse is excessive tree root intrusion, misaligned or offset pipes. Pouring chemical cleaners also corrode the sewer piping causing the line to break/collapse.

Contact Empire Water Main Sewer (718)715-4862 when sewer issues arise. Empire will arrive at your earliest convenience and complete either a simple snaking or entire sewer relay !!!

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