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Create Your Loved One’s Valentine’s Day Tool Box

Cupid and his bow and arrow will be arriving tomorrow, which means you have less than 24 hours to plan your special Valentine’s Day date and find/create the perfect gift. Just as Cupid comes prepared with his tool, we at Empire wanted to be of your and Cupid’s assistance and provide insight on some useful plumbing tool’s that would create an amazing Valentine’s Day tool box.

1) Pipe wrench: A pipe wrench works great when dealing with iron and steel pipes as they are somewhat softer metals.

2) Flange Plumber: These plungers are shaped perfectly to clear toilet clogs.

3) Pliers: Pliers are a wonderful since they not only have longer handles, but can also grip nearly any shape or pipe circumference.

4) O rings and Rubber Washers: These are an essential to every plumbers kit.

5) Cup or Sink Plunger: Similar idea as your bathroom variety, but smaller and designed for your sink.

A fully stocked toolbox will surely, put a smile on your Valentine’s face. And remember if a job is to big that the tool box can’t handle. No worries contact Empire Water Main & Sewer. Our team works 24/7 to ensure your night runs smoothly.

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