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Customers Plumbing Horror

At one point or another we have all experienced a scary plumbing event; maybe one time too many! Continue reading for the most common customer plumbing horrors and the best way to avoid them.

Horror#1: How much is the bill?

Solution: It may be sometimes difficult to indicate an exact job total of a specific plumbing problem. However, a knowledgeable tech will most definitely be able to give you an estimate/price range.

Horror#2: It’s 3am and my basement is beginning to flood!! I’ve called many plumbers and no one can help!!

Solution: Be sure to keep a regularly trusted and available plumber in your contact list at all times. They already know you as a previous customer and you know they can definitely be counted on.

Horror#3: I hired a plumber to fix a problem. The following day the same issue was there and the plumber didn’t want to come back out!!

Solution: When hiring a plumber be sure to inquire about warranty, and/or satisfaction guarantee.

Horror#4: The plumber I hired was a recommendation and unfortunately unlicensed. He completely destroyed the pipe he was installing for us.

Solution: Before hiring any plumber even if highly recommended be sure to do your research.

All in all when a plumbing issue arises sometimes the lowest price isn’t always the best service, and research is key!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all emergency needs!! We are licensed, bonded insured and provide 24/7 emergency service!!

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