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Cut Your Energy Cost Today

At Empire we put your home and wallet first, which is why in celebration of Energy cost day we wanted to provide a post with a narrowed down list of ways in which you can start the new year with an small energy budget allowing you to save up for your 2020 goals.

1) Repair Leaking Faucets: A dripping faucets will poor gallons of money out of your wallet. Getting them fixed as soon as a drop is noticed will definitely stop the financial flood.

2) LED Light Bulbs LED light bulbs have a longer life span than traditional bulbs.Switching out all light bulbs throughout your home can save you more than $600 in energy cost over the life of the bulb.

3) Energy Star Rates Appliances Using Energy Start certified appliances such as refrigerator and washing machines can use 40-50% less energy.

4) Unplug appliances

Appliances that are plugged in even when switched off are still consuming energy. Which is why it is important to turn off all appliances when not in use. On average you can save yourself over $100 each year!!!

Take control of your energy and budget today, and if you have a plumbing problem occurs call Empire Water Main & Sewer we can send over a tech. same day and save your home, plumbing and wallet.

Contact us at (718)715-4862/

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