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DEP 3 Day VS. 10 Day Notice

Updated: May 2, 2019

Here at Empire we understand receiving a DEP ( Department of Environmental Protection) notice is frustrating, overwhelming and nerve wracking. However, when you contact Empire our staff is fully equipped to answer any and all questions. Today we wanted to inform you about the 2 most common notices our customers receive ( 3 day &10 day notices). There are a few reasons why DEP may issue a 3 day notice, but the most common is due to a detected water main leak. A DEP official is aware of this problem when there is a sink hole in the roadway/property, water is seeping out of the ground on the property/street or if water is coming out of the property foundation.

The 3 day notice notifies you of the issue at hand and allows you 3 days to resolve the problem. On the other hand, a 10 day notice is issued when the water service has been terminated due to an emergency or failure to respond to a notice that has been previously provided. As a property owner who has been given a 10 day notice it is your responsibility to respond to DEP. If the issue is not taken care of DEP will return to the property and permanently cut off the service. In addition, a pretty extensive charge is then added to your next water bill.

As you can see receiving a notice is no joking mater. When a notice has been given, immediate action is required.

Call Empire Water Main & Sewer today 718-715-4862!!! We have had our fair share of DEP notices and water main repairs/replacements.

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