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Dishwasher Approved

OK moms and dads this post is for you! We are almost at the finish line of month one of school. Although an achievement for you and your child, the result may have left you with multiple loads of laundry, dishes, large invasions of toys, crayons, and markers. However, we may have found an appliance that will be able to help cut down your chore list,and that is a dishwasher. Yup, that’s right a dishwasher. Continue reading to find out a few items that can surprisingly be placed in your dishwasher for easy cleaning/sanitizing.

1)Sports Equipment: Items such as mouth guards, knee pads, and hats are just a few examples of athletic equipment that can be well cleaned, sanitized and odor free with an easy push of a button.

2)Gardening Tools: Gardening tools are prime items that can easily develop fungus. Now that they are being placed to rest for the fall/winter months be sure to give them a great clean for this the dishwasher will come in handy. Be sure to shake off the excess dirt and place in the washer.

3)Cabinet Knobs: Imagine all the cabinet handles in your kitchen bathroom and the average number of hands that have touched them. Now that’s a lot of germs. In order to practice healthy hygiene, remove the knobs on the cabinets with a simple twist. Place them in the washer and have them as good as new.

4)Plastic Toys:

Similar to bacteria of kitchen knobs another bacteria harboring item is a plastic toy. Your child will come home from school and immediately grab their toys. Now lies millions of germs. It is beneficial to place the most used items in the dishwasher on a weekly/monthly basis.

5)Kitchen sponge: Allow your brushes and sponges to take a break and allow the dishwasher to do the job. Without washing these items you may be making your dishes dirtier.

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