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Do You Have A Drain Question!? Well Empire Has The Answer!!

The drains on your property either home or business are vital to your everyday routine; and a sudden, but very common clog can create some annoyance to your day. With this being stated drains are our specialty and we wanted to take out some time to answer the 3 most frequent questions we get regarding drains. Continue reading to get some drain answers.

1) Are there any preventative measures I can take to keep the clogs away? 👉Toilet: ONLY toilet paper and human waste should be flushed!! Anything else will create a clog. Sinks/Bathtubs: make sure these types of drains have strainers. The strainer prevents hair and unwanted materials from entering the drain.

2) How do I get rid of the smell coming from my garbage disposal? 👉 An infamous home remedy for garbage disposal smells is Ice!! Placing a handful of ice cubes in the disposal and allowing it to run for 30sec-1min. This will assist in the removal of buildup on the blades. Last step would be to run cold water for another min to remove any remaining debris.

3) Can I just use drain cleaner to clear my clog? 👉NO!!! Drain cleaners aren’t able to break the clog and get rid of it completely only temporarily giving you the headache a few days later. Also drain cleaners can create damage to your pipe’s interior STAY AWAY!!! If you have any drain questions don’t hesitate give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call (718)715-4862 or comment below. We would be happy to help!!

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