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Do You Have A Noisy Shower?

If you are a devoted reader of our daily plumbing post you may have come across a few noisy fixtures and some resolutions, but what about your shower!! Continue reading to find out the top 2 reasons behind your noisy shower and how to get your shower tranquility back.

1) Washer Replacement: in the event the washer in the shower valve becomes damaged the handle may begin to make a whining or squealing noise.

~Solution: This is an easy fix since only the washer would need replacement. However,the steps and exact tools may cause the project to be tricky, since shower valves typically vary. Contact a plumber for best results.

2)Scale Buildup: Overtime scale buildup on the faucet fixtures can cause the holes to narrow creating low water pressure and whining sound. ~Solution: the only way to fix this noise is to remove all scale buildup from the faucet. The most effective and harm free way is the use of vinegar. Place a zip lock bag filled with vinegar over the shower head with rubber bands and allow it to rest for a least one hour. This will soften all scale buildup and allow you to easily wipe off the buildup.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your shower and drain needs 24/7/365!!

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