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Does This Water Taste Funny?

Have you ever drank a glass of tap water and smelled/tasted a strange odor? For many the tap is the main source of drinking water for themselves and family. With this being stated it is important to know what may be causing a strange odor and if any harm may be caused. Continue reading for a list of funky smells and reasoning behind them:

Chlorine: This is an indication that you are connected to a city main. Often times they will treat the water with chlorine to kill bacteria.

Metal: Iron, Lead, Mercury and Arsenic are common metals that can make its way into your water and create a bad taste. Small amounts of most metals will do no harm. However, lead in any amount is extremely harmful to your health.

Fishy: A fishy odor is in no way hazardous to your health, but is unpleasant. This most likely means an organic material got into your water source.

Salty: Salty tasting water means chloride/sulfate from an industrial waste could have gotten into your water supply.

Rotten Eggs: Water with an odor of rotten eggs is a result of sulfide gas. This is caused by chemical reactions with rock/soil or decay of organic materials.

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