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Does Your Sump Pump Do A Great Winter Job?

Contrary to what many believe the frigid winter months can definitely take a toll on your sump pump., due to the combination of rain and melting snow. Be sure to read below and follow these 5 STEPS and ensure your sump pump is fully functioning before more winter storms come ahead.

1) Find the outside pipes that catch all the water as it drains from the pump. Once you find these pipes take a look inside and make sure there is not dirt/debris that may be clogging the line.

2) Fill a 5-gallon bucket and fill to the top with water. Then, pour the water into the pit and observe the level of water within the pit.

3) As you are observing the water levels the float on the sump pump should rise and the pump should start, and as the water is being emptied the system should shut off as it nears the bottom.

4) In the event the float does not rise or the pump does not turn on/off there is something wrong and a plumber should be contacted.

5) Although this may seem like a given, still make sure the pump is plugged into a working outlet.

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