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Don’t Forget To Clean For Your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is a few days away, which means it’s time to reserve a spot at your favorite restaurant, pick up a box of chocolates, roses; but last but not least make sure your home is clean for your Valentine’s visit! Continue reading to find out the few places you maybe forgetting to scrub.

1) Storage Areas/Cupboards: Be sure to clean out your dusty cupboards and discard all expired products. Not only are they taking up space, but also attracting pests or bacteria.

2) Dishwasher: Nothing is worse than opening up your dishwasher on Valentine’s Day to pull out your favorite wine glass for your date and finding a strange odor or stain. Take this time and properly clean your dishwasher.

3) Garbage Can: No one wants a special at home date night to be filled with a garbage aroma. Make sure to not only change out the garbage bags, but wipe down the inside of the can. Odors and crumbs can easily stick and cause bacteria growth, insects and an overall sticky/smelly situation.

4) Drain Cleaning: Having a clogged drain line in the mist of a great Valentine’s evening is a damper. Don’t procrastinate your drain maintenance cleaning.

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