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Don’t Let Your Plumbing Organs Fail

Similar to your body after years of hard work your plumbing system begins to deteriorate. After long enough time your plumbing pipes and fixtures would need to be replaced throughout your entire home. Most importantly this includes the plumbing main organ, the main sewer line. This main organ can be compared to your heart. From washing the dishes,showers, flushing the toilet, washing your hands etc. all depends on the main sewer line. It is handy to know the age,length, and location or even type of material your pipe is made from.

Knowing this information allows you to have better insight on the health/condition of your pipe. When your main line experiences a problem it affects all plumbing fixtures and appliances within your home. In the case the main line pipe becomes damaged or collapses running water is off limits until the line is fixed or replaced which can take a few days. It is vital that you stay on top of yearly maintenance cleanings and video camera inspections every 2 years. Similar to a routine physical from your physician having these yearly appointments alerts you on the health of your line, preventative causes or any issues that may be causing backups. Preparation and knowledge is key to preventing plumbing disasters.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4862 to schedule a main line check up!!!

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