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Don’t Ruin Your Plumbing

Are you a fan of home improvement shows? Or have seen countless “As Seen On TV” commercials on D I Y plumbing tools and think to yourself “I can do that it looks easy”? Well here a few key mistakes you must watch out to avoid:

1. Leaving water on during a repair: The #1 rule when doing any type of plumbing repair is shutting off the water before beginning any type of work. Depending on the repair you may need to switch off the main shut off valve or close the localized valve. If water is not turned off prior it can result in a large mess due to water gushing of pipe from pressure.

2. Leaving pipes exposed during winter: during these cold months when the temp. drops below freezing it is vital to protect your pipes. Any plumbing that goes through unheated portions of your home or is exposed outside can freeze and burst. Make sure to properly drain your irrigation system and insulate those pipes.

3. Flushing trash down the toilet: If you are repairing something in your bathroom it may sometimes be tempting to through wrappers, paper, debris etc. down the toilet. However, flushing items aside from toilet paper or human waste can immediately clog your pipes and some cases cause the toilet to overflow.

4. Soldering torch carelessness: If you are feeling extra ambitious when it comes to your plumbing and decide to solder pipes, remember that the job may not be difficult, but is extremely dangerous. Make sure to place away any flammable items and give yourself lots of workspace. In addition never leave the torch unattended when still on.

All in all the most important tip is to know that plumbing is tricky and the simplest plumbing projects can cause serious complications.

Call Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862, if you are experiencing any difficulty or complications. We are a 24/7 service and would be happy to explain our procedures and answer any questions.

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