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Downspout Dilemma

From drains, sewers to downspouts, Empire covers it all! Yesterday evening our technicians traveled out to Queens to tackle an issue our customer was experiencing with her properties downspout. A downspout is typically vertical and extends to ground level. It allows water to be directed away from the property to protect its foundation. With this being stated in the event that a clog arises due to an abundance of dirt, leaves,twigs etc., it prevents water from passing through creating flooding.

In order to clean the line properly and remove 100% of all unwanted material that may be stuck to the inner walls of the downspout our technicians used a hydro jet. Don’t let a drain or downspout be a Debbie downer to your day!! We make sure to respond to all plumbing issues as quickly as possible. And as you can see in the video not even a little NY traffic/ parking will get in the way of servicing our customers. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718) 715-4862 today for all your plumbing needs!!!!

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