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Drain Mistakes

Drain cleaning sounds like a simple task. You have seen your grandparents and parents do it most of your life. However, everyone learns new tips/tricks along the way and embody their own method. However, you may have learned or picked up a few bad habits that could be causing more harm than good. Here are a few common mistakes you may be doing that are a drain “no,no”! :

Mistake#1: reaching for a bendable hanger when it comes time to clean or unclog a drain is a huge mistake. Sticking an unbent coat hanger down the drain will most likely not even reach a clog. In addition,consistent jabbing of the pipe can create some damage,especially if the hanger gets stuck.

Mistake#2: if the drain you are attempting to clean is fairly close to a garden hose you be/have been tempted to clear your line away. However, the strength of the hose is not powerful enough to clear ,but still cause some damage to the line. Also, you will end up creating more cleanup work for yourself.

Mistake#3: many have created a great relationship with the at home staples “drain cleaners”. However, chemical cleaners do nothing more than create harm. These cleaners often eat away at a small portion of the clog, resulting in you pouring more down the drain a few days later. Meanwhile,the remainder eats at your pipe’s interior. Avoid these drain mistakes and save yourself time/money. Read our other posts to find out the best cleaning methods; and if stubborn clog arises contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862. We provide same day service 24/7/365!!

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