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Dripping Faucets

DRIP!! DRIP!! DRIP!! Have you ever tried falling asleep with a dripping faucet? Or battled with a sink that didn’t know when to stop? Your faucet is the most used appliance/fixture in your home.Therefore, leading to inevitable repairs. A leaking faucet can cost you hundreds of extra dollars in water bills due to the thousands of gallons of water lost per year. So it is important to immediately deal with the problem. Most often the issue is due to poor installation or wear and tear. Empire is here to give you step by step instruction on how you may fix your dripping faucet.

1. Look under the sink and locate the hot/cold water valves. They lead toward the sink. Turn them off and then turn on the faucet to allow water dripping.

2. Remove the screw cover on the handle and using a screwdriver or Allen wrench remove the screw.

3. Once removed you should be able to see a cap with a washer (rubber ring)on the inside. Try then adjusting the ring if it looks out of place. If it seems damaged or worn down,remove with needle nose pliers and replace.

4. Reinsert screw and screw cover. Turn on hot/cold valves

If problem persists you may have an issue with the faucet’s seats and springs. But don’t worry here at Empire Water Main & Sewer we have had our fair share of faucet repairs and we would be glad to help. Give us a call (718)715-4862!!

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