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Election Day! Choose Your Plumber!!

Today’s the day for pulling levers, filling in circles and most importantly making a decision that can determine the country’s future, because its Election Day!! And in the spirit of elections we wanted to highlight a decision that can make a difference in your home, and that is choosing the right plumber. If you think about every party has a list of requirements their candidate must have before choosing him/her for the job. Here’s your list when considering the best plumbing candidate!

☑️Licensed > this shows they are properly trained and completed apprenticeships

☑️Bonded/Insured > this protects you and the plumber in the event of an accident

☑️Estimates > plumber should be able to give you an estimate or at least price range before starting work

☑️History/Reputation> experience is key and if happy customers come along with that deal then this is key!

Pick your candidates today!! Call Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs today!!

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