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Electrically Powered Snaking

These pictures are showing our plumbers most common procedure “snaking."Most of you if not all have had snaking work done at your residence. It is a pretty simple and effective procedure. Today we are explaining a sewer line specifically. However, we would like to give you an explanation of what happens during your service with Empire. Once our technicians access the stoppage you are experiencing they will fully explain to the client their findings and explain the procedure in depth before proceeding.

Our high performance electronically powered snake machine contains 100ft of cable with blade attachments. The technician will insert the cable into the drain until the clog is hit. The machine will then begin to rotate. The blades on the cable break up and dislodge the stoppage. Once they gather any other information at completion our guys will give the clients any preventative information and explain the importance of maintenance on the line. DON’T LET THE STOPPAGE GET IN THE WAY!!! Call Empire Water Main & Sewer Today (718)715-4862!!!

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