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Emergency Bronx Sewer Repair

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Empire responded to an emergency sewer backup in the Pelham Gardens area of the Bronx. Upon inspection it was revealed that the pipe had been crushed by a main water line install. Empire took care of the job from start to finish.

This Bronx Sewer Line Repair is just another example of just how skilled our plumbers are. Repairing a major break that affected a residential home required an experienced crew working quickly and efficiently.

Shoring, as seen is the photo above, is important when doing a sewer repair. This ensures the safety of the crew men and the people around them.

Here you can see the new sewer line being installed underneath the city's main water line. During the installation of the water main, done by another contractor, the pipe underneath was crushed due to force. Empire made sure the new pipe was secure and installed correctly.

After installing the pipe and passing DEP inspection the trench is filled with dirt. That dirt is then compacted using a soil tamper.

Dirt compaction is important in a sewer or water main repair. the dirt must be compacted firmly in order for the restoration process to go smoothly.

After the dirt is compacted the concrete is poured to prepare the hole for asphalt. We usually wait 24-48 hours for the concrete to dry before coming back to put the asphalt. In the mean time the hole is covered.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer if you have any questions about a sewer break or any general questions regarding your water main or sewer needs 718-715-4862.

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