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Emergency Queens Sewer

Empire responded to an understandably frustrated customer located in Queens. The customer and his family were experiencing numerous backups throughout their home. They assumed the cause of the toilet clogs was related to excess toilet paper and the sink was from pieces of food going down the drain when washing dishes. However 1 or 2 clogs a month turned into 2 or 3 a week.

Worried and frustrated with this persistent issue, the customer contact Empire to figure out the cause of this clog madness. Upon investigation of the sewer which is typically the culprit to numerous backups throughout a home; it was determined by our technicians that the customer had a collapsed sewer line.

We provided the customer with our repair process and most accurate pricing. Eager to resolve the problem and impressed with our experience/ knowledge in tackling this issue,the customer agreed for us to proceed with the repair process. Empire then made it a priority to get this customer and his family a clog free home within a few days from start to finish. As soon as a stubborn clog arises don’t let it give you a headache.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer(718)715-4862 immediately, from snaking a sewer line to complete replacement we cover it all.

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