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Empire Celebrating World Plumbing Day!

Today we celebrate World Plumbing Day for an invention created in 1700B.C. Starting from the first flushing toilet in Crete, to Roman aqueducts that called 1.2 billion liters of water everyday and today with low flow toilets and energy efficient appliances. World Plumbing Day began in 2009 by the plumbing council to display the important role Plumbing has in protecting public health and improving amenities. Often times many take for granted the ability we have to flush toilets and hot water. However, it is vital to keep in mind how the absence of basic sanitary and plumbing systems can have a huge impact on a communities health and environment. Enjoy World Plumbing Day today and be aware of your health, water conservation, and environment. Contact Empire today for all your plumbing needs and ensure that it is in good health (718)715-4862!

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