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Empire Emergency

Here at Empire we make it our mission to respond to your emergencies!! With January’s frigid temperatures it is important to keep close eye on your pipes for any leaks. A small crack or break in your main line can eventually cause your main line to burst. Unfortunately on Wednesday January 21st at noon one of our customers experienced this heart wrenching incident. Patrolled DEP representatives caught eye of the water flow and immediately notified the customer of the water main burst.

Typically DEP leaves 3 day notices notifying people they have a leak and the property owner is responsible to find a licensed contractor to access the issue within 3 days. However, in our customer’s case DEP issued a notice stating that the water main break must be repaired immediately. This is when our customer contacted Empire water main and sewer. We received the customer’s frantic phone call at 12:30pm and by 1:00pm an estimator was at the property accessing the situation. At the site our estimator spoke with the customer, gave a pricing and explained in detail the entire repairing process. Within minutes the customer agreed and Empire began work. By that evening all contracts, permitting, and other paper work was taken care of and our water main crew was out on the repair. Our crew worked for nearly 16 hours straight. They excavated the street, replaced the water main and completely restored the road.

At Empire our customers and their Emergencies come first. No matter how small or large the job contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862 we will resolve the issue 24/7/365!!!!

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