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Empire Heads To Queens

One of our loyal customers gave us a call early last week frustrated about a possible sewer issue his tenants were experiencing in Queens. Over the course of a month they had frequent clogs and currently an odor from the basement. Upon entrance by our technicians to the basement it was evident that the smell was due to a serious back within the sewer line. The technicians determined that the best resolution was a hydro jetting service to clear the line completely of any debris. Later a free video inspection was completed and it was discovered that line within was beginning to separate. We then advised the owner that the line should be replaced. Sights of rust,cracks,separations etc. are signs that the line is at its last ends and can potentially create big problems in the future.Understanding the stakes the home owner decide to have our company come out the following week and repair the 8 foot section of the sewer in the basement. The process took one 8-10 hour day start to finish including restoring any dirt and concrete. The owner and tenants now had a fully functioning sewer free of clogs!

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for your sewer services (718)715-4862. From snaking, hydro jetting, repair or replacing a sewer line Empire has you covered 365 days a year!!

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