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Empire Helping Out Home Goods

Want to give your home the change it deserves in 2020? Well all you have to do is make 1 pit stop and 1 phone call!! Yup it’s that simple! First, it’s time for your pit stop, take a drive to your closest Home Goods!! Take a look around and gather all of your favorite decor, home accents, furniture, bed/bath items, kitchen accessories, and more. Then step 2, contact Empire Water Main & Sewer! Our techs. will arrive within 24hrs and provide drain maintenance cleanings, video camera inspections, and even free estimates for repairs/replacement of your main sewer or water line. Within no time you will not only have a beautifully decorated home, but also plumbing that is in tip top shape. We wanted to take this time and thank Home Goods for servicing with Empire! It was a pleasure working with you!! Give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call today (718)715-4862/

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