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Empire To The Rescue

We all have been guilty of procrastinating from time to time. And as you know there can be some major consequences. When a DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) 3 day notice is received, it is vital that you take immediate action. The 3 day notice allows you 3 days to find a licensed contractor that specializes in water main repairs. Failure in doing so can result in DEP shutting off the water to your property.

Moreover, this time frame is given due to the severity of water main breaks. Damages can eventually occur to other properties due to flooding, seeping ground water can potentially cave in roadways; and winter’s freezing temperatures causes sidewalks and streets to become covered with ice becoming hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. Yesterday, one of our customers experienced the scare of him and his family not having any running water due to a DEP water shut off. However, Empire came and saved the day!

Our estimator went on site to meet with the client while a DEP officer also arrived to begin the water shut off process. Empire proceeded with our normal process of observing the break explaining detailed findings and giving an accurate pricing. The customer immediately agreed and Empire began work right there and then with 100% completion.

Don’t procrastinate your plumbing needs!! No matter how big or small of a repair our customers and their families come first. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862 TODAY for all your plumbing needs!!

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