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Empire Water Mains

At Empire we understand the importance of keeping you and your family safe; and a fully functioning water main. If you are a devoted reader/follower of Empire Water Main & Sewer than you have seen all different types of projects and emergencies we have responded too. However, just in case you missed a post or have a friend who needs a water main service.

Here are some pictures and list of all the water main services we provide: -Upgrading water main from lead to copper -Residential water main repair or replacement -Commercial water main repair or replacement -New construction water main installation -Wet connections -DEP 3 day notices -DEP 10 day notices -Tap connections -Emergency water shut off -Water main disconnect All our work is licensed, bonded, insured and guaranteed. As well as in accordance with NYC DOB, DOT and DEP rules and regulations. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for your water main needs 24/7/365 no extra charge (718)715-4862.

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