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Fall Plumbing Tips

There’s no better way to start the day then a great cup of Joe. Especially now that fall is here, we can spice up our coffee game with some caramel, pumpkin and cinnamon magic. However, your favorite feel good morning coffee, can easily turn bring out your pumpkin spice lattes, and cozy sweaters because it’s fall time!! I know it may be hard to believe it with 90° weather,but today is the first official day of fall. However, don’t get too excited yet! Before you dive right into the fall festivities make sure to first prep your plumbing to ensure no fallout's.

1) Sewer System: Fall,winter are the seasons that definitely overwork your sewer system. If you have had any hiccups or concerns with your line your line this summer, it’s time to have a preventative maintenance cleaning.

2) Water heater maintenance: Similar to your sewer line the water will become your best friend to help get you through these upcoming cold months. However, heaters typically have a life expectancy of 8-12years. Make sure you keep track of it’s age and schedule your preventative maintenance.

3) Sump pump check up: Until November 30th we still have to watch out for the hurricane season. With this being said be sure your sump pump is in great condition.

4)Remove your garden hose: Disconnect your hose and vitally drain the water. Place the hose in an area where it will not reach freezing temperatures. Any water that has remained can simply freeze, expand and cause the hose to break.

5)Turn off your hose Bibb: One of the most vital steps this fall season is to properly turn off your hose Bibb and water supply indoors. If the pipe isn’t properly turned off, water can freeze in the line resulting in a chaotic bursted pipe situation.

Be sure to follow these fall steps for a fantastic weekend. If any plumbing issues arise contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for 24/7 service.

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