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Fats,Grease,Oil Oh My!!

Grease,fats and oils found within a sewer line is a common issue our technicians at Empire encounter on a weekly basis. From bathtubs, toilets, sinks etc., grease, fat and oil can clog them all!! Common substances that contain grease, fat,and oil are as followed: Sauces Margarine/Butter (includes nut butters) Cooking Oil Meat Fat Lard Grease Food Scraps When these types of substances are poured down the toilet they begin to form enormous and nasty composites with other debris and chemicals. This composite then sticks to the walls of the sewer resulting in calcification causing disease carrying bacteria, slow drains, sewer backup/blockages and costly repairs. Protect your drains, home and pocket. Keep a watchful eye of what you pour down your drain.

If a slow or clogged drain arises Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer Today (718)715-4862!! We can take care of this issue at your earliest convenience 365 days a year!!

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