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Flushing Curiosity

For many people the toilet or “the John” is where you do the most thinking. Well have you ever wondered what actually happens when you flush your toilet? Now this is a rare thought and for those who know about plumbing this is an everyday simple process. However,in consideration for our non-plumbing experts and curious thinkers here is a glimpses of what goes on when you push down the handle.

Your toilet tank contains a siphon, flush valve, overflow tube, fill float and fill valve. When you push down the handle it pulls up the chain and releases the flush valve. Within seconds approximately 2 gallons of water will refill the tank and bowel, therefore resetting the flush valve. As the refilling of the tank and bowl continues the siphon will activate and remove your waste from the bowel into/down the drain. Thus the task of the fill float and refill valve are in the name. The fill float sits on top of the water in the tank and rises as the tank is refilling with water; this will then signal the refill valve to shut off when the water reaches a specific level. Hence in the occasion that your float is broken flooding will occur due to the refill valve being unable to shut off.

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