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Furry Friend Bath Plumbing Tips

After a long hard day of work, knowing you have a comfy home and a furry friend to go to is always the highlight of the day. Now with warmer weather approaching rapidly it’s the perfect time to take your pup on walks and to the park. However, this can sometimes cause your pup to create a mess and cause you some plumbing stress. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when it’s doggy bath time:

1)Before bath: make sure to remove as much dirt,mud and fur from your dog before entering the bath and placing a hair catcher in the drain. This prevents stubborn blockages that would inevitably require drain cleaning 2)During bath: when washing your fury friend always wash with Luke warm water and check for fleas,ticks. Although these insects may be small discard of them properly. In addition, keep a look out for the type of shampoo being used. Sometimes the amount and type we use can cause build up on the inner walls of the line. 3)After bath: If your pup is a splasher make sure to dry off before getting out and place the wet towel in your washer. Leaving wet towels around or not drying off walls/fixtures as we all know leaves room for bacteria and mold in your shower.

Keep these doggy bathing tips in mind the next bath time and in the case some fur goes down the drain no worries.

Empire Water Main & Sewer can clear your drain in no time 24/7/365!!

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