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Get Your Home Holiday Ready!!

The holidays are finally here, and your guests will be arriving soon! Have you finished decorating, gathering all your presents, baked your holiday cookies, and most importantly is are you and your plumbing ready for the holidays. Continue reading down below to make sure you are prepared/aware of plumbing dislikes before they strike.

Someone clogged the toilet -Make sure to place signs stating to only flush human waste and toilet paper. Also be sure to leave a waste basket and plunger.

Someone accidentally poured grease down the sink -Keep close eye of what/who is near to. Kitchen sink. Grease, fats and oils can definitely put your working kitchen out of work.

We left the hose out -Be sure to winterize your pipes and shut off your outdoor faucets. No one wants a flooded home due to pipe burst.

Where’s the hot water -The weather outside is frightful and coming home to a cold shower may really destroy your holidays. Make sure to maintenance the heater and keep in mind the life expectancy is 8-12 years.

If any plumbing problems occur don’t worry Empire Water Main & Sewer is at your service. Our techs can take care of your plumbing problems same day, leaving you and your family holly and jolly this holiday season (718)715-4862/ .

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