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Great Day For Coffee

There’s no better way to start the day then a great cup of Joe. Especially now that fall is here, we can spice up our coffee game with some caramel, pumpkin and cinnamon magic. However, your favorite feel good morning coffee, can easily turn south into all day mood killer. Along with grease, fat and oil coffee grounds are one of the biggest culprits of sink blockages. When coffee grounds are disposed of in the sink they tend to clump together,pack together and create a pretty severe blockage. Below we have provided a few tips on how to correctly dispose of the coffee grounds and ways to recycle them.

Tip1: A simple way you can dispose of coffee grounds is to use a coffee filter. Place the filter in the sink, right above the drain and pour the excess coffee. The filter will collect the grounds. Safely discard into a waste bin.

Tip 2:Use the coffee grounds as garden compost and it will not only help you gain a reputation for a green thumb, but also repel ants, slugs, flies etc.

Tip 3: If you have a stinky refrigerator coffee grounds are a great natural odor absorbent that work great.

Tip 4:With the cold weather approaching rapidly your skin may feel dull and dry. Using coffee in mix with other natural ingredients as an exfoliant will have your sink looking great!!

Use these coffee tips for a great start to your day!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer if any drain blockages arise in your today!!

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