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Halloween Plumbing Safety

Happy Halloween!! Hopefully the weather hasn’t spooked you into staying home, and missing all the holiday fun!! Get on your feet, grab your creative costume and treats!! But be sure to stay plumbing safe. Continue reading to find out a few plumbing tips to help you get in the holiday groove.

Safety Tip#1: Garbage Disposal Are you attending a Halloween party or hosting? Either way be cautious of what you and others are putting down the drain. Something such as a candy or wrappers can cause disaster.

Safety Tip#2:Pumpkin Tonight maybe your jack o lantern last night out, so when disposing of the pulp and pumpkin bits be sure to discard properly. Stay away from drains, toilets and most importantly garbage disposals. Pumpkin substances are one of the most common culprits of drain blockages during the fall season.

Safety Tip#3: Creepy noises Imagine after watching a horror film you hear a thud or bang!! This would turn anyone into a nervous wreck. Be sure to stay on top of contacting a plumber when these strange noises arrive. You don’t want chaos!

Safety Tip#4: Electrical Although electrical issues isn’t plumbing related it is still important to be precautions of electrical decorations. During the holidays this one of the biggest problems people experience that can be very detrimental to themselves and homes. Be sure to move decorations away from the sidewalk, trees and bushes. Additionally, make sure to decorate using waterproof lights.

Enjoy your Halloween today, be safe and keep your plumbing in tip top shape. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your plumbing needs today (718) 715-4862 or

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