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Handling A Brooklyn Water Main Replacement

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Empire responded to a DEP Issued 3 Day Notice for a client in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn. Upon inspection it was determined that the whole line had to be replaced. Empire executed the job from start to finish.

When a water supply line leak occurs a decision has to be made on whether to do a repair or a replacement. An experienced contractor will help their client make the correct decision. If you have a lead service line a full replacement must be made. If you have a copper service that is 1 inch and up we can repair it for you and save you on cost tremendously.

Empire is very familiar with the five boroughs. This is something we like to take advantage of when proposing costs to customer. Familiarity with each city and its towns allows us to know what type of ground we're breaking into. This enables us to bid jobs, such as this one, accurately, and coordinate them smoothly.

The Takeuchi TB260 is used to dig and excavate the ground to prepare for pipe install.

Certain areas of Brooklyn have a lot of utilities underground, this forces our crew to dig by hand to ensure no utilities are disrupted.

Utilities inside of PVC piping that we had to hand dig around.

Brand new 1 inch copper pipe for our customer.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer if you have any questions about a water line leak or any general questions regarding your water main or sewer needs 718-715-4862.

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