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High Water Pressure Damages

During these cold winter months nothing feels better then stepping into a hot shower with great pressure!! However, too strong of a stream may result in not so much of a relaxing time; especially when it causes money to fly out of your pocket. Continue reading to find out when it maybe too high of pressure, the issues, signs.

Is it too high? The ideal water pressure should be around 45-55 PSI (per square inch). If it is anything above 60 it is considered excessive.

Is it damaging? Yes, high water pressure can erode pipes causing: -A greater risk of pipes cracking/breaking -Leaks -Sounds -A reduced service life for both your pipes and fixtures

What are the signs? 1)Leaking faucets

2)Running toilet

3)Banging pipes

When using your shower today take a closer look/feel of your water pressure! You may let your Christmas savings fly out of your hands. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer in the event of plumbing assistance!!

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