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Holiday Ready Bathroom

Ladies & Gentlemen the holidays are approaching rapidly!! Thanksgiving is about 2 weeks away and 6 weeks until Christmas!! With this being said money maybe flying out of your pocket in order to buy the perfect gifts and gather all the traditional family foods. We understand, the importance of representing a home filled with beautiful decor and fixtures. But under money/time constraints we wanted to provide you with 4 ways you can spice up your bathroom this holiday season and not break the bank.

1) Shower head: giving your shower head a quick change is pretty easy and isn’t expensive. You may even do yourself some good buying a low flow shower head can save you a few dollars on your water bill.

2) Rugs=Versatility: a fun rug, will definitely bring some character into your bathroom and can cover up some unpleasant tiling.

3) New shower curtain/fancy rod: Adding a nice curtain will bring a little fair to your bathroom and an elegant shower rod will be a great accompaniment.

4) New toilet seat: There are hundreds of toilet seat colors and shapes you can choose from. Pick one that best suits you and the vibe you to present to your guest.

These adjustments are simple, cost effective and last you throughout all of the holiday season. Give them a try today!! And remember contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for all your plumbing needs!!

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